DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Net is held weekly on the DMR-MARC network and is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and DMR-MARC. This net is open to all ham radio operators with a DMR capable radio and can be accessed via any DMR repeater that is able to be connected to the DMR-MARC Worldwide talk group.


Saturday’s @ 1700 (1600 DST) UTC. Find the time in your local timezone.


DMR-MARC Worldwide Talkgroup (TG 1). Find a nearby DMR repeater.


The DMR-MARC Worldwide Net is a directed net, whereby the Net Controller facilitates all check-ins and discussion during the net. The format of the net is as follows:
1. Commencement – Opening of the net by the Net Controller;
2. Announcements – Any stations with announcements may provide these at the beginning of the net;
3. Demonstrations – Any stations requiring a demonstration of DMR at a public event may check-in at this point;
4. ITU Region 1 Check-ins – Any stations in Europe, Africa or northern Asia;
5. ITU Region 2 Check-ins – Any stations in North America or South America;
6. ITU Region 3 Check-ins – Any stations in South Asia, Southeast Asia or Oceania.
7. Closure – Closing of the net and the return normal talkgroup traffic.

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