ITU Region Map

ITU Region Map
North America, Central America, South America

ITU Region Map

Region1 - Africa, UK, Europe, North Asia 
Region2 - North America, Central America, South America
Region3 - South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand 

DMR membership by country - Mototrbo DMR Growth Trend
Last updated: 2017-04-08

The following helps us understand check-in numbers

Summary 2017-04-08  ::
58,149 DMR-Contacts WORLD-WIDE
25,926 DMR-Contacts UNITED-STATES
6,378  DMR-Contacts GERMANY
5,177  DMR-Contacts UNITED-KINGDOM
3,508  DMR-Contacts ITALY
1,787  DMR-Contacts CANADA
1,633  DMR-Contacts SPAIN
1,435  DMR-Contacts NETHERLANDS

Last updated: 2017-04-08 by VE3WZW ANDRE (Toronto Canada)
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