SharkRF openSPOT to DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

Connecting SharkRF openSPOT to DMR-MARC Worldwide Net 
DMR Plus North America - DMR-MARC and DMR Plus

Access to DMR-MARC Worldwide Net from Hotspots.

So for months I have been try to connect to DMR-MARC Worldwide Net using the details from the DMR-MARC website without success.  Hoping to use 4551 DMR-MARC Worldwide 1

DMR Plus North America - DMR-MARC and DMR Plus

DMR Plus Reflectors List
4551 DMR-MARC Worldwide 1


DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country 2017-12

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country
Brought to you by VE3WZW, Last updated: 2017-12-07
Total number of IDs = 78,813


September 30 2017 DMR-MARC Worldwide Net Check-in

September 30 2017 DMR-MARC Worldwide Net Check-ins

Congratulations to our HOST (Net Control Agent) Ted VE7LE!


has contributed 2 years to humanitarian scientific research through

Thanks to our Host VE7LE and everyone who participated.

 We all have a great thing with this Net and DMR-MARC


DK3CW on TX Factor - Episode 18 (TXF018)

TX Factor - Episode 18 (TXF018)
Published on Sep 15, 2017
TX Factor experiences what it’s like to be young again with a visit to this Year’s YOTA activity week at Gilwell Park in London. And, if you’ve ever fancied a go at moon bounce or EME, then see how Bob and a team of amateurs get on when they’re let loose on a 32 metre dish at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.

FULL article :


Suggestion the Saturday DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

Suggestion the Saturday DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

Suggest that the Saturday net speed up a bit.  Yesterday it took 90 minutes for a small number of check-ins. 

Instead of breaking down by country, you could do one group for Europe, one for North America, and one for the rest of the world.

George Rezac KB0QMN


We need HOSTs for the DMR-MARC worldwide Net

We are hoping to have a new HOST for the DMR-MARC worldwide Net, I am hoping you may consider hosting on Saturday. You will be the host and involved as a team.

Full details at the website.  Host of the worldwide NET.  I would like to book you as HOST.

UPDATE :  The HAM we hoped could not accept Net controller Schedule, we are please Jakob DK3CW will be available

UPDATED :   Schedule

We understand HOST is a HUGE undertaken, so we are try ways to slowly involve Net Control Agents by doing part of the NET.


DMR MARC net continues & patched DMR-MARC and DMR+ Talkgroups

I'm pleased to announce that the WW DMR MARC net will continue from next Saturday (8/26/2017) forward. At the end of July the only local repeater in my area remaining on DMR-MARC was switched over to the Brandmeister network. I'm back from attending RSGB's YOTA Camp 2017 in the UK now.

Thanks to Hans-Jügen, DL5DI; Kurt, OE1KBC; Mike, AA9VI and other DMR-MARC and DMR+ admins, quite a few DMR-MARC Talkgroups have been patched to DMR+ reflectors 4551–4564 initially and to the equal talkgroups on DMR+ recently.

From now on, DMR MARC TG 1 Worldwide can be accessed from DMR+ on TG 1 (Timeslot 1) alike. Contact your repeater keeper if that's not the case.

This includes dongles and hotspots like the DVmega, DV4mini, Openspot, MMDVM etc.

I hope that this will lead to an increased level of participation and volunteering.

Spread the word!

vy 73
DK3CW, Jakob 'JP'
Net controller


We need HOST and Net Controllers

We need HOST and Net Controllers about 5 HOST

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net - STATUS - We need net controllers, we need HOST https://dmrworldwidenet.blogspot.ca/

New Fall Q4 2017 Schedule: Schedule: DMR-MARC WorldWide Net Host

VE3WZW call to action request

DMR-MARC WorldWide Net Host aka Net Controller Schedule

 VE3WZW call to action request

New Schedule: DMR-MARC WorldWide Net Host

VE3WZW call to action request

Thanks, VE3SP Andre VE3WZW
Contact US

DMR-MARC net in Paris, France, have been cut off this net

Gerhard F5VAG‏

The majority of ​ repeaters on DMR-MARC net in Paris, France, have been cut off this net. No way to join the ww net. #HamDMR #DMRnet @dk3cw @VA3AGV




Weekly worldwide DMR-MARC net on 05-04-2014

Weekly worldwide DMR-MARC net
05-04-2014 - NE1B Bill

check-ins = 110 on 05-04-2014

Hytera MD782 | MD785

Hytera MD782 | MD785


WW-DMR MARC Net on July 15th, 2017

A list of all check-ins will be published at the DMR-MARC Worldwide Net website (here)
* After discussing with everyone involved we have all agreed.

see the list below

Net controller: DK3CW

Total: 111


DMR MARC network to be taken offline permanently in Germany

I regret the fact, that the DMR MARC network in Germany will be taken offline permanently on July 31st, 2017 according to the official website (german):trust.

At this point time, we don't know about the availability of a permanent or temporary solution during the net (Saturdays 1600–1730 UTC DST / 1700–1830 UTC) for the access to WW 1 on DMR-MARC via crosslinks from other networks.

Stay tuned.

vy 73 de JP, DK3CW


DMR MARC net — network connectivity issues on 3rd June, 2017

The DMR MARC Worldwide net on 3rd June, 2017 was affected by a temporary network connectivity issue between Europe an other parts of the world (especially North America, Australia and New Zealand). This is why, net control could only take check-ins from Europe. We've got a total  of 24 check-ins from England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and Malta.
Network administrator has been informed about this issue.
Hopefully we'll be able to have a truly worldwide net without network connectivity issues next Saturday.

vy 73 JP, DK3CW
Net controller