DMR MARC net continues & patched DMR-MARC and DMR+ Talkgroups

I'm pleased to announce that the WW DMR MARC net will continue from next Saturday (8/26/2017) forward. At the end of July the only local repeater in my area remaining on DMR-MARC was switched over to the Brandmeister network. I'm back from attending RSGB's YOTA Camp 2017 in the UK now.

Thanks to Hans-J├╝gen, DL5DI; Kurt, OE1KBC; Mike, AA9VI and other DMR-MARC and DMR+ admins, quite a few DMR-MARC Talkgroups have been patched to DMR+ reflectors 4551–4564 initially and to the equal talkgroups on DMR+ recently.

From now on, DMR MARC TG 1 Worldwide can be accessed from DMR+ on TG 1 (Timeslot 1) alike. Contact your repeater keeper if that's not the case.

This includes dongles and hotspots like the DVmega, DV4mini, Openspot, MMDVM etc.

I hope that this will lead to an increased level of participation and volunteering.

Spread the word!

vy 73
DK3CW, Jakob 'JP'
Net controller

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